Friday, July 30, 2010

7 months and counting!

We have been so busy lately that I have not updated lately! I am now 26 weeks and 2 days pregnant. Next Wednesday, August 3, I will be 7 months. I went this week for my check up and glucose tolerance test. Thank goodness I passed the test with flying colors! Everything looked great-Laci's heartbeat, my blood pressure and weight. I will now start going every other week to the doctor! I did find out that my doctor is pregnant and due a month before me. However she is coming back a day or so before my due date. I really want my doctor to deliver Laci since we have gotten to know her, but the most important thing is to do what is right for Laci and I. Laci is moving around A LOT, especially at night. I love feeling her move! She is already 2 pounds and growing about 6 oz a week! Amazing!
The past couple of weeks we have been working on the nursery! Lance's dad helped paint her room a light lime green to go with her bedding. Here are some pictures!

We still have several pieces to add to the room-shelves, glider, and decorations for the walls. It is all coming together and FINALLY starting to feel real! We talk about Laci throughout the day, everyday, and cannot wait to meet her!

I have not heard anything about a job so it looks like I will be taking a year off. I of course want a job to be paid, however, I am so excited to be able to spend a year with my baby!

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